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Originally from Normandy, I was settled in the Lyon region. Because of health problems that traditional medicine couldn’t cure, I turned to alternative medicine and changed my lifestyle.

Following my meeting with a yoga teacher, I became interested in plants, spices, ayurveda lifestyle and more particularly the benefits of essential oils.

My different meetings with professionals of alternative medicine have strengthened my choice to continue to cure myself with plants but also to have a better lifestyle by focusing on good organic food  and organic cosmetics.

To minimize stressors and pollution, I left the Lyon region and moved to Provence. It made me realize that the body speaks, expresses itself through pains and you have to know how to listen to it.

Settled in a village near Correns, the first Organic village of France, where serenity reigns, calm and with an almost non-existent impact of pollution, I continued to enrich my knowledge and even obtained my diploma of Aromatherapist.

Thanks to plants and my new lifestyle, I feel much better today.

This experience made me want to share my knowledge about all these benefits of plants with you.

It’s in 2017 that I meet Caroline and we discover a common passion: Organic lifestyle and well-being …. with a zest of woman entrepreneurs.

Artysud - Caroline's story


Originally from Belgium, I spent all my summer holidays in a small Provencal village in the Var, Varages, where I felt at home every time I went. After private, difficult and stressful events, I decided to move to France to “change my life and find happiness again. “

So I settled in Varages, my pretty little village of my holidays, where I live in harmony with myself and my surroundings.  Happy me!!!

Beautician for more than 20 years, trained in bio-magnetism, Reiki and energetics, I created Zen & Beauty, my beautysalon where I work with all organic products.

Our skin is a reflection of our health that deserves to be treated with organic and natural products. Your body will absorb these treatements and products better with a better result and no side effects.

My concept: Make people beautyfull on the inside and out by offering care with selected organic products from labeled producers.

At the end of August 2017, I was looking for organic products for Zen & Beauty while a friend introduced me to Brigitte with the now historic introduction: “You have a lot of common girls. You should do things together? “

And from there, the Artysud adventure “” has started!

Our organic products are made in France based on plant raw materials, which is why they benefit from the natural power of plants and their active ingredients, well recognized for their effectiveness.

This choice allows us to give the necessary attention which is essential for good health, while preserving the environment. Our organic products respect, of course, very strict ecology standards.

We share common values of closeness, ethics and humanism.

ArtySud is the passion of Brigitte and Caroline to go out and search for you the essence of essential oils, organic plant oils, cosmetics and culinary products from the terroir that is Provence.

Our values ​​and ethics led us to create our brand PurePure.

ArtySud ‘PurePure” product line is a continuous journey to improve the daily lives of you and all the people you love to have near you.

ArtySud guarantees the very best quality and authenticity of origin from carefully selected producers who share our vision and our passion.

These producers have been selected for their know-how and the quality of their products as well as for the values ​​that animate each of their actions.

Artysud "" indirectly involves people with reduced mobility for the packaging of certain products.

All ArtySud products are without preservatives, without additives, dyes or any other unnecessary ingredients to ensure you that you are on the path to a serene and natural way of a long, long and contented life.