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Facial care

Our range of natural and organic

facial and anti-aging treatments has selected a range of organic cosmetics respectful of your skin to use on a daily basis. They are recognized for their qualities and benefits. Our face/body range is suitable for all types of skin, young or mature, for men, women, babies.

If you have a doubt or you hesitate? We will be happy to accompany you with personalized advice according to your needs and your skin type.

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Why use organic and natural facial products?

Organic cosmetics are mainly made of natural products. The facial care in organic cosmetics have caused a craze in recent years with a real awareness of the benefits of organic cosmetics. That’s why using organic cosmetics helps preserve your cell’s healthy cellular function with its healthy, natural components. Indeed, the absence of chemical substances gives organic cosmetics a beneficial role for your skin.

Take care of your face with our organic cosmetics

Our range of organic cosmetics is for all skin types. By using these products on a daily basis you will quickly see all the benefits. Do you have fragile skin? Reactive? Our range of organic cosmetics will bring you adapted solutions.
For example, pollution, fatigue, stress can give you a dull complexion and drawn features. Daily care with high quality organic cosmetics, will give you a healthy and luminous skin.

Our organic oils and precious serums are composed of natural and organic products

No chemicals are included in their compositions. This prevents your skin from feeling assaulted.
Our organic oils and precious serums contain organic vegetable/plant oils. You will find for example organic Sweet Almond plant oil, Apricot kernel plant oil  …
Organic cosmetics can also be a synergy of plant oils and essential oils.

Take really good care of your skin

In our range of organic cosmetics, some beauty creams and precious serums will moisturize and nourish your skin. Also in our organic facial care cosmetics range, other beauty creams and precious oils will reduce dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines … It is important to choose the right organic cosmetic product that suits your skin. You discover our brand for the first time? Any questions ? Benefit from our advice via our online form. After a diagnosis of your skin, we can advise you a beauty treatment of our range of organic cosmetics adapted to your skin. Visit our online store.

The contours of eyes and lips are fragile and sensitive

That’s why it’s important to take care of these sensitive zones with organic cosmetics. For example, our lip balm will intensely nourish the commissures of chapped and painful lips  As for our eye contour, organic cosmetics offers a triple action: anti-aging, anti-puffiness and concealer.

Indeed, our selection of products of organic cosmetics is renowned for its benefits thanks to its many properties (nourishing, moisturizing, regenerating …).

Also in our organic cosmetics range, you will find exfoliating soaps that clean your face and body by removing impurities, such as white pimples and blackheads. Other organic soaps well known for their properties to heal your skin. Visit our online store.

In organic cosmetics, there are several labels but our soaps are certified Nature & Progrès. Which is a very demanding label that prohibits the use of palm oil.