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Organic indoor perfumes

Treat yourself to a sensory dimension

of Provençal scents

Discover our indoor perfumes whose different fragrances will bring a sensory dimension of Provence and a warm atmosphere in your family cocoon. Choose wisely the scents of each organic essential oil.

Our range of indoorspray perfumes will create an atmosphere, a setting and have a scent that will make you travel in different worlds: exotic, spring, Mediterranean …

The organic essential oils used with a diffuser are precious and spread a pleasant smell while having an impact on your well-being.

Our organic scented candles will give you a romantic setting for your candlelight dinners, warm up your long winter evenings and create a harmonious, relaxing and soothing atmosphere.
The diversity of perfumes allows you to choose your setting according to your desires.
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Ajust your indoor fragrance to each room

Like the colors, the scents emitted by the flowers, the citrus … impact the atmosphere of each room but the properties of each essential oil also influence your mood and play a role in your well-being.

It is therefore essential to know how to choose the type of perfume according to your desires and the atmosphere you want to create. You can also use organic essential oils to create a perfect setting for your family’s well-being.

Which essential oil, indoor perfume spray or candle to choose for each room?

Depending on the mood and the moment, dose the intensity of the perfume in a few sprays, always towards the ceiling (never less than 30 cm of textiles or furniture). Thanks to daily use, the fragrance envelops curtains, cushions and carpets in a few days.

Do you want to boost your concentration? or just relax? Choose the right essential oil with the virtues and aroma that you like. Create synergies (mixures) that will optimize the expected results. Essential oils have the particularity of being able to answer your needs (concentration, relaxation …) through a variety of aromas ( here).

How to perfume your home?

An Organic Essential Oil diffused with one of our diffusers will give you the chosen scent and its proporties of well-being.
To embalm your home, focus on natural products to preserve the health of your family. We have a whole range of organic essential oils, a range of natural spray perfumes and Organic scented candles ( here) This allows you to choose a perfume for each place.

In order to diffuse a subtle perfume in your house, spray always towards the ceiling (never less than 30 cm of textiles or furniture). Thanks to daily use, the fragrance envelops curtains, cushions and carpets in a few days. (see our online shop)

Your room scented with lavender

The bedroom is the place to relax and lavender, which takes you to Provence, lends itself to that verywell. Our grandmothers were already putting sachets of lavender in the cupboards and drawers to have this lovely perfume of Provence. Nothing new under the sun! Lavender pleasantly perfumes linen, but Lavender organic essential oil also has properties to reduce tension. Add a few drops of lavender organic essential oil as a softener instead of synthetic supermarkets softeners. Lavender is the ideal plant to relax after a busy day. Travel to the heart of Provence and perfume your house, put a few drops of Lavender and the fruity notes of Sweet Orange in one of our diffusers and diffuse for 1/2 hour.

We invite you to check out all of the proporties of our Organic Essential Oils, our home frangrances and our scented candles.

Without forgetting our pillow mists which will help your sleep

The perfume of violet flowers in your dining room

Not the flowers but leaves are distilled to obtain a product with a powerful aroma. In order to diffuse a subtle perfume in your dining room, sprays always towards the ceiling (never less than 30 cm of textiles or furniture). Thanks to daily use, the fragrance envelops curtains, cushions and carpets in a few days.

Your bathroom scented with Jasmine

Its delicate and captivating fragrance relaxes your mind and body. Nothing proven, but the scents of jasmine would have aphrodisiac effects.
You will surely enjoy its  smell at the moments when you take care of yourself, in the evening or morning . You can also embalm your bathroom with a mixture of Red Mandarine Organic Essential Oil  and / or Sweet Orange Organic Essential Oil.

Your toilets scented with natural products

To clean the air in your toilets, prepare a mixture of 2 – 3 drops of Peppermint Organic Essential Oil, a few drops of Eucalyptus Globulus Organic Essential Oil and Lemon Organic Essential Oil. Put this mixture on a pebble diffuser.

Ginger Organic Essential Oil and Peppermint Organic Essential Oil in your kitchen

Ginger Organic Essential Oil combined with Peppermint Organic Essential Oil are known as super invigorating. They will get you in shape to start your day. Put a few drops of these Organic Essential oils in your diffuser to start your day.To perfume your kitchen, choose zesty notes. Citrus Organic Essential Oils such as Red Mandarine Organic Essential Oil, Grapefruit Organic Essential Oil or Lemon Organic Essential Oil will purify the air in your kitchen and dispel unpleasant odors.